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About us

Breaking Barriers is a registered charity set up by 3 parents of disabled children. It is our aim to raise awareness and challenge the barriers to inclusion in society for disabled children & young people aged 0-25 years old.

We also support adults with autism aged 18+.

We believe that individuality should be celebrated and everyone has a vital role to play.

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BREAKING BARRIERS NW is fundraising towards

Nottingham to Bolton Attic Bike Ride

Hi! I’m Craig. On Thursday 21stof May I’m cycling from Nottingham to Bolton….in my attic…on an exercise bike. Travelling 100 miles across a wooden floor, I’ll be taking in such breath-taking sights as my CD rack, my DVD and Blu Ray collection and most ...

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Elsie the BBNW Van

Breaking Barriers NW offers support to over 1,000 families in the North West region, all of whom have Disabled children and young people as part of them. We also offer support to adults with Autism to help them better manage whatever challenges they are currently facing. We offer supported ...

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